We have put together some information about Educational Psychology in Dumfries and Galloway.  

Educational Psychology can sound a bit daunting to children and parents however the service is there to help your child navigate through their school/nursery years if they need some extra support.  Here are some of the main points to read through if you think the Educational Psychology team could help your family. 

What is an Educational Psychologist?

An Educational Psychologist is a specialist psychologist trained to provide advice on how children learn, why they sometimes have difficulties learning, and how they can be helped to reach their educational potential.

What does an Educational Psychologist do?

The role of an Educational Psychologist can vary depending on the situation and a young person’s needs.  In Dumfries and Galloway we are usually involved at primary and secondary school ages but we can be involved from the early years to the transition into adulthood.

What does an Educational Psychologist consultation involve?

A consultation with an educational psychologist involves an adult talking through current strengths and concerns and what they would like to be better.  The educational psychologist will listen, ask questions and assess the information provided.  They will then work together with the person they are talking to and work out next steps or ways forward to make things better

What does an Educational Psychologist assessment involve?

An Educational Psychologist works collaboratively with teachers, parents/carers and other professionals to develop an understanding of a child’s needs and provides advice about how best those working directly with the child can help them learn, and reach their educational potential. Assessment involves consultation with teachers, and colleagues from other agencies and analysis of information to help understand difficulties and identify strengths which can be built on. It also involves developing an understanding of the context in which learning is taking place and identifying changes that may be helpful. 

How can I get an Educational Psychologist’s input for my child?

Ask your child’s school to sign up for a consultation or submit a request for assistance.  For a request to be agreed there should be a child’s plan, evidence of intervention already tried and a role for an Educational Psychologist that cannot be met by a one-off consultation.  We cannot become involved without evidence of parental consent.  Demand for our service is very high and we do prioritise based on needs.  We often open cases at consultation only level.  

If your child does not have a school or nursery please contact us directly by phoning 01387 273784 or emailing supportinglearners@dumgal.gov.uk.

Can I speak to an educational psychologist without asking my child school? 

We offer the following services to children, young people and their parents and carers without the need for a request for assistance:

  • Telephone consultation for parents and carers of up to half an hour
  • Virtual or telephone consultation for lead professional or named person (or their delegate) with parental consent of up to half an hour.

Please phone 01387 273784 or email supportinglearners@dumgal.gov.uk and we will call you back.  We aim to call back within one week of your request.